From time to time I'll translate some posts or stories out of my blog, "Buchenstäbchen" or "Kurz und knapp"

Most of the translations you'll find in the respective blog entries

I really hope, there are not too many mistakes. My Cambridge English, that I studied among other subjects at the AKAD Oerlikon, when I was between 28 and 31 years old, has gone. Nowadays I hope, the vestiges are sufficient for the comprehension about what I'm trying to say to you :-)



A phone’s ringing in a quiet apartment. Fast steps on wood. Silence.

A woman listens. Becomes turned into stone.

Smothered whisper. Inaudible questions. Unheard prays for nightmare. Begs for: Not true.

Roaring in the head. Forces on the knees.

Fending hands lift through the air.

Head bangs on the floor.

Silence breaks into despair.

Room splinters. Time freezes.

Fist beats next to head. Hard.

Fist beats next to head.

Fist beats.



On wood next to head.

Eyes are looking for a hold upward.

Long shrilly No’s drive spires into the room.

The woman is arch.

Is bow-string.

Is No.

Is scream.


August 15th 2015




My plan was a very different one: from mid-July quite relaxed and laid back in the here and now enjoying the summer heat; after the two serious ankle injuries in February and March train at the physiotherapist’s, go swimming for joy and further strengthen, go for a bit longer walks than till now; if it would be too hot to stay outdoors writing, sewing, painting, reading, listening to audio books, do nothing, take a siesta or go to the movies for a great film; visit friends or having some of them here to visit me; at night stroll along the water enjoying the Mediterranità. A really good plan. And for a while it worked wonderfully.


Then came the week when I was expecting two girlfriends to stay. One of the two with allergy to cat hairs. And my two cats – even if they were outside a lot, because of the summer heat losing so much hair as never seen, while at night to bring fresh air in the rooms all windows had to remain open gaping wide and the cat hairs could specially well spread everywhere throughout the apartment.


So, a kind of spring-clean was urgently required in the five days before my friends arrived. No object which has not been one or even twice damp wiped , no centimeter, which has not been dusted or hoovered several times the week.


Before their arrival two weeks ago in the evening at half past seven I could have been photographed my apartment for a glossy brochure. Although being tuckered out, I had to water the plants in the garden .


And so it happened. "Of course". I twisted the same ankle, which was not quite healed from the fierce injuries in the spring. However, it was painful only very briefly, and so I took the day after my girlfriends through the old town. The next day, during a short Sunday stroll, I soon realized that I had to be more cautious, but still thought no evil. Later on, with spontaneous small sideways movements came pain. And remained – since then I know a lot more about how I move while cooking:-) Watch yourself from time to time what your nice body is doing while your head is concerned with the content of your pots. Very interesting.


Well, three days ago I got my foot to take a look into the "tube" (MRI). The result: this time the bands are at least very little overstretched. A compression is visible and the in March torn bone is hurt again. Everything is not as bad as in spring, but an exercise in patience for advanced ;-)

My new "summer shoe" is called "Maleo Sprint". With Maleo, the meaning is clear, but what the manufacturer wish to tell with "Sprint"? This remains a mystery and leaves a smile.

And yes, under these circumstances I'm fine. As long as no gradients are, I'm even able for cycling with my electro bike. Lucky me!